Cone Bench: An outdoor bench assembled using traffic cones in varying orientations. Reinterpreting an everyday object through it’s structural and sculptural quality. ︎trafficcones.archive

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn Museum           
Paul Kheem, Fall 2018

Furniture Design • Product Engineering • Prototyping

63” x 10.5” x 18.5”
HDPE, Marine-grade Plywood, Traffic Cones



Aside from its vibrant color, traffic cones have interesting forms that can be stacked and laid out geometrically. Also, its bottom can be structurally beneficial to be attached to a different material. 

Structural Quality

Cones can distribute weight very well and also resist tensile stress when it is laid in an intersecting zig-zag format, which worked as a cross beam for the bench. 

Making Process

Interlocking Plywood, Brass inserts and CNC milled UV protective HDPE. The CNC milled circular plates structurally bond with the bottom structure of the traffic cones.

Cone Bench is installed in the Brooklyn Museum backyard. (June, 2019 - Sept, 2019)


Paul Kheem Design

Brooklyn, NY.