SAFEWORD: A platform for artists of all medium. Creative direction for the launch event on May 24, 2019. ︎

South Willamsburg, Brooklyn, New York          
Paul Kheem, Adam Santiago, Kyle Sheth, Spring 2019

Exhibition Design • Experience Design • Event Production • Art Direction • Branding

SAFEWORD is a platform for artists of all medium. Collaborative work of visual artists, musicians and technology professionals is showcased through seasonal exhibitions. The first event was held on May 24, 2019 in Williamsburg, New York, featuring Geotheory, W.Y Huang, Daye Beats, ADAMBOY, Davy Wreck, Pretend Labs, Kyle Sheth and myself. I participated to design their first exhibition.


images by Joe DāJour


The main visual elements of the exhibiton are the following: video, glitch, tech, sci-fi, hidden and industrial. The curation of the images for the promotional materials followed the aesthetics of the brand. The color schemes are Red(#FF0000), Green(#00FF00), and Blue(#0000FF), the three primary colors that form all the images that we see through digital screens. 

Site Visit - 250 S 5th St, Brooklyn, NY

The event was held at an event space in Williamsburg, New York. The focus was on utilizing the given architecture and create a completely different experience from the former events that were held in the space. The unique long floorplan of the event place was not a typical gallery space to exhibit art works. The team sectioned off the space according to the architecture to create different zones for various experiences and reduced all the existing visual elements that did not follow the design language of the brand.

Introduction of the participating artists

Daye Beats, W.Y Huang, Pretend Labs, Geotheory, Kyle Sheth, ADAMBOY, Davy Wreck, Paul Kheem

Line drawings by Paul Kheem, edited by Kyle sheth

Projection Mapping

The three arches that are part of the building structure was utilized as a screen to map projection. The visuals corresponded to the music that was performed throughout the event.


Installation- Infinity Tunnel

Installation by Kyle Sheth

Infinity Tunnel is an installation by the featured visual artist, Kyle Sheth. By projecting on mesh screens that are tied on to the black frames, it creates a parallel effect that the audience can enter and immerse themselves.

Virtual Reality Experience

Pretend Labs

Primary focus of the event was to give value to the end-users by providing them with digital takeaways. VR portrait experience was operated by Pretend Labs, an experiential design studio based in New York City specializng in the intersection between emerging technologies, brands and culture.


Preparation of the event required setting up audio equipments, visual installations, projectors and lighting for the venue. 


Paul Kheem Design

Brooklyn, NY.